Managing Director: Dirk De Groeve




As a child I had a lot of interest in bees and tried to keep them as a pet.  Obviously it wasn't a great succes!  And I learned quit fast what a bee sting was...

I find bees fascinating for:

- their teamwork
- the way they live together
- how the queen knows the circumstances in the surroundings without flying outside
- what bees can mean for humans: in the medicine world and for the economy
- ...

chronologic overview:

1965: I was born
1982: my first beehive and BuckfastLab was born.
1984: 2 hives (simplex), build myself.
1985: my father also starts as a bee keeper and we expand together the number of populations
1987: bee hives for the fertilization of strawberries 
1988: we buy buckfastqueens in Texas, USA and have 15 productionpopulations at that moment 
1990: i visite our colleague Paul Jungels.
1993: certificate as bee keeper, acknowledged bij the ministry of agriculture and the belgian federation Kon VIB.
1993: intensive selection by fertilisation at the stand in Luxemburg and purchase of queens from Jos Guth.

1994: my father and i build a bee stand at Serskamp (Belgium) for 8 populations. On the premises (1,7 Ha large) there are several apidea hives and productionpopulations.

1997: specialized course by Dr. Prof. Peter Schley from Germany, for artificial insemination (1 year). 
2001: bee hives in several locations in Belgium
2006: purchase of a new selection of Buckfast and Ligustica Queens 

2006: my wife Christel and I start our own company named 2BEe.  (also visite


In the meantime i followed several courses in order to expand my knowledge of nature.  This knowledge already gave me several insightes on how bees behave in nature and for what reasons they do somethings.  This knowledge already proved itself several times to be very useful .

1995: course of forester by Inverde – 3 years
1996: certificate for nature gide by CVN  – 2 years
1998: certificate of Swamp expert – 1 year
1998: certificate of nature management - 2 years



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